Where Captain America Finds Writing Inspiration

I have no idea how to start this. Do I say hi? Ask how are you? Is this working? Stark? Don't look at me like that. You're just a guy in a metal suit, nothing else. And you're short.

Anyway. I've been here long enough to know that a lot goes on in the INTERNET, but I try to avoid it as much as I can. I watched a film the other day with these things called zombies, and I think that's what the INTERNET will make you guys. Zombies. But I discovered something incredible the other day, and I want to share it with you all, my fellow writers.

I was writing my latest manuscript the other night, and yes, I do write with pen on paper, I can't be staring at this bright screen all day. Right next to me was Thor, banging his fists on the keys of Stark's new laptop. Good thing the 'man of iron' wasn't there. I spent most of the day wandering the streets, looking for inspiration. I visited this store called Target, that had a blinding red target for a logo. And then I went Best Buy, it was dark in there, but the hum of electricity-devices was like screeching in my ears. In the end, I came home and stared out the window. But the honking of passing cars and yells of our neighbors was too much.

That's when the idea struck. What if I searched on the INTERNET for inspiration? I gave Thor a cup of coffee and pulled the laptop onto my desk. It took a while, but I soon enough, I stumbled across a website called Pinterest.

It's like heaven for writing inspiration.

Chris Evans
Me when I discovered Pinterest.
Photo taken by Thor.
That camera doesn't work anymore.

Pinterest is like Google, but with beautiful images, a little like Thor, I should say. While Google is more like Stark. I found models to base my characters off of, I found scenery to base my settings on. I found some images I already had in my mind, and while it seemed pointless at first, it was incredible how many new details I was able to add, just by looking at the picture. I think, the hardest part about navigating on the site is knowing what you're looking for. Sure, you might have a word to search for, but I've learned a thing or two I'd like to share. If you're interested in hearing it, that is. Or reading it. I have no idea how I should say this, or type this. Oh, this is killing me.

I did a search for 'fantasy scene'. There were countless images that popped up, half of them nothing close to what I needed. So instead of searching through the pins, I clicked on boards on the top left corner and bingo. A bunch of boards popped up and made searching so much easier, because whoever created the board obviously grouped like images together, so it's easier for me to glance at the board, and if I don't like what I see, move onto the next one. And when I finally find a board I like, I can be sure to find a group of images that will be useful to me. It makes Pinterest-surfing so much easier.

After Pinterest, I found another website called Behind the Name. Not only did I find names for a bunch of my characters, but I found names that fit the characters. You can find names based on the language it's derived from, but that wasn't what I found the most helpful. I found this page called Name Themes, where I could find names meaning 'dark', or 'bright', or 'brave'. It was beyond helpful. It was almost as good as Pinterest. Almost.

So there you have it. An update on what I learned on the INTERNET in a few hours. I have to run now, Stark's coming back and the last thing I need is for him to find me with a keyboard with half-smashed keys.

I'll update you with another post of what I've learned on the INTERNET next time. Hopefully. If you're interested, that is. Are you? Where do YOU find writing inspiration online?


  1. Ah, what a fun post! I love Pinterest and Behind the Name. It's always nice to look for inspiration and things on the Internet. Hopefully I don't turn into a zombie...I'm not sure I could pull off the whole decaying thing.

  2. Great post, Cap! Pinterest is amaaaaazing ... such a time-suck though. And I get it on my phone, and it's just too easy to get lost in all the options. I love using it for finding my "characters" -- so I can see them in an actual photo better than the image in my mind :o)

  3. Awesome post, Capsicle...oh, er...that wasn't nice. I'm sorry. (But I did have to try it out, just sayin'). I too have discovered the wonders of pinterest. I'm pretty sure it's a trap to stop writers writing, but hay! As long as you're having fun, right? I get lots of inspiration from listening to music. Epic music. And the occasional coffee.

  4. Love the Capt. post, but I'm sure you miss the snail mail of your day