Genres and Missing Backspace Keys

Hey everyone, Iron Man here. My hair's looking as fabulous as ever--

I swear, Stark. If you touch my posts again, you'll be sorry you were born.

Today's Wednesday, my post day. Captain America's post day. Thor the idiot stole my backspace key and I can't remove Stark the jerk's intro up there. I thought the DEL key stood for 'delete', but Stark says it will call the deli downstairs. Frankly, I don't need his waitresses swarming around me.

Thor is using my backspace key in a game of Scrabble. He thinks using that as one tile will give him the score of the entire word. It's times like these that I actually feel sorry for Loki.

Anyway. I'm going to attempt this post without any errors. Because my backspace key is gone.

Today I'm going to talk about subgenres, the fancy word for categorizing. YA, young adult, is a genormous genre. And to help categorize YA or any age-group of fiction for that matter - like MG (middle grade) and adult - we subcategorize by subgenre.

Believe it or not, there was one time when I had no idea what genre of YA my manuscript fell in. I had no idea how a novel set in space was categorized as dystopian - I didn't even know what dystopian meant.

There has to be people like me out there. Or, people who don't know what each subgenre of YA entails, like I did, once upon a time. So I've got this list I wrote down the other day, let me type it here (this could take a while).

And to make things easy, I'm going to explain each genre in one to three words.

Fantasy: Unicorns. Magic.
Urban Fantasy: City Magic.
Dystopian: Rebels Fighting Society.
Sci-Fi: All Bizarre Truths.
Contemporary: It Could Happen.
Paranormal: Almost Normal Fantasy.
Historical Fiction: Set in History.
Steampunk: Like it Sounds.
Horror: Watch Thor Hide.

There you have it.

WHAT? LOKI! You changed my list. I didn't write that! How did you erase my stuff without a backspace key?

Till next time,
-Captain America


  1. Yep, I think you summed up horror pretty well. And genres get even smaller right? High fantasy. Dark fantasy. Iron-Man's-hair-is-great-fantasy. I only wish my library would categorize like this too. Instead of just YA on one side and MG on the other.

  2. Cait: OHMYWORDS, WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT IF LIBRARIES SPLIT YA BOOKS INTO GENRES?! Mine hasn't even caught on to the fact that YA and MG are different yet. Grr.

    Anyway, great post, Cap. I'm sure Thor will return your backspace key soon. Unless he tries playing Scrabble against the Hulk, in which case, I think you can give it up for lost.