Introducing THE FURY AWARDS - A Convo with the man himself

: I'm sure you all are wondering why I asked you to assemble. I have a proposal to make.

LOKI: What proposal is so important that you dragged me into the same room as them?

THOR: I'm listening, Captain.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I'm the Captain, Thor. What is it, Fury?

NICK FURY: I've noticed the young adult genre is being bogged down by books. We need a way to feature the great ones. Spotlight them. Give them a place worth envying. For that, I suggest THE FURY AWARDS.

LOKI: I'm all for envy and such human idiocity, but I do believe THE LOKI AWARDS would be a better title. I AM the future ruler of this planet.

IRON MAN: Spotlight my hair instead. It's looking wonderful today.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Shut up, Loki. You too, Stark.

NICK FURY: Why do you all have to act like 5 year olds?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *looks sheepish* I like the sound of THE FURY AWARDS. What about you, Thor?

THOR: It sounds very interesting, as long as we don't call them The Loki Awards.

LOKI: *scowls* *schemes*

NICK FURY: Then it's settled - Loki sit down - THE FURY AWARDS it is.

THOR: So what will the awards entail, exactly?


IRON MAN: Wait, what's the point of spotlighting Young Adult books? Such a waste. Kids can find them on their own. My good looks deserve the spotlight.


There's no justice in this world.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Really, Stark? If I hear one more comment about your hair. I swear I'll-


CAPTAIN AMERICA: *rages* I told you-

THOR: Be silent, both of you. Stop being so petty.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Where's the Hulk when I need him? You stay out of this, Thor. You still have my backspace key.

NICK FURY: QUIET. These awards will spotlight soon-to-be-published young adult books. We will feature both the novels and their authors prior to publication, then, after our spotlights, we will look back at all the young adult books published in that time, including the ones we featured. It will create hype for debuts before they are released.

IRON MAN: Whatever. As long as my forthcoming Young Adult novel, HOW TO ANNOY A LOKI IN THREE EASY STEPS, is featured.

LOKI: I am not A Loki. I am THE Loki.

IRON MAN: Did anyone say you can talk? NO.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: We will only feature books we want to feature - and those our readers want us to feature. And I hope there's only THE Loki. I can't handle more than one.

NICK FURY: We will start as soon as possible. Each of you will be in charge of researching books, gathering authors, and organizing the posts. Do you think you can stop bickering enough to manage that?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *laughs* Did you just say bickering? Too much time with Thor, my man.

NICK FURY: *rubs temples*

THOR: Are you insulting me, Captain?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: No. I'm only saying Nick Fury is becoming like you, Thor. *catches Thor's glare* *quickly changes subject* So, uh, when will THE FURY AWARDS start again?

NICK FURY: I fail to see the similarities between Thor and myself. Anyway, the awards will begin in mid-April, with our first smaller round-up event at the end of August.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Sounds good to me.

NICK FURY: There is one other thing.


NICK FURY: You might not be able to accomplish all of this between the four of you (I understand your alter-egos are quite busy as well). Don't have a breakdown, but I suggest adding a few more members to the group.

-------------SILENCE FALLS--------------

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *takes deep breath* Well... We could get the Hulk to come back? Iron Man could get him. They're all buddy-buddy.

And really, Fury, I don't mind.

NICK FURY: *nods* Hulk can come back. Maybe Black Widow or Hawk Eye would care for an invite.

IRON MAN: The Hulk is the only one of you who appreciates my beauty. I say we add him.

LOKI: You mean, Iron Man, you only look good when standing next to the Hulk

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *snorts* Actually, Loki, he looks even shorter next to the Hulk.

LOKI: *High fives Captain America* *Moves hand away at last second*

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *Stares blankly at Loki*

NICK FURY: We will not extend this invitation to Spiderman.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I agree. I'm not a fan of spiders, sadly. But I'm all for extending invites to those three.

THOR: I am terrified of spiders. Yes to the others, however.

NICK FURY: *sits back* Then it's settled. You will begin preparation for The Fury Awards and searching for new Avengers.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Will do, sir. I'll get everything organized and assign tasks to the others.

IRON MAN: Sorry, who named you group leader?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I am the Captain. And we need the best man for the job.

LOKI: Well, you’re certainly not the brightest.

NICK FURY: *Drags hand across face* I don’t care who leads, as long as you get the job done. I look forward to meeting the other Avengers and seeing the first Fury Awards posts. Best of luck, team.

THOR: Same to you, sir.


IRON MAN: Well, duh. I’m helping run them.


  • The YAvengers will be hosting an event called THE FURY AWARDS (Though I still think we should call it the Loki Awards), in which we will feature upcoming debut YA authors and their books.
  • Our first feature posts will begin in mid-April.
  • We will have our first wrap-up post at the end of August, looking back at all the books we’ve featured that will appear in summer & fall 2013 (so some of the books will have released, and some won’t--only because it’s our first wrap-up)
  • That fall, our posts will feature Winter 2013/14 books, so by the end of fall for that wrap-up, none of our featured books will have released (Does that make sense, humans?).
  • Expect ARC/stuff/critique giveaways, funny author interviews, an exclusive Shawarma Joint Book Club, all sorts of polls, Twitter parties, etc.
  • WE WILL SOON BE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR UP TO 3 NEW AVENGERS to help us manage the workload and bring more voices to the group. We will release the application and that info soon, but we are very excited about a possible Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawk Eye.
    • The reason we are using applications is not to gauge who is “best” or anything of the sort, but to discover who we feel will be really dedicated to the blog, who will have the time to commit to this, and who will fit in well with our group.
    • Another reason is that, rather than just asking people we know, there are so many awesome writers/readers/bloggers out there whom we don’t know that would be wonderful to work with, and applications allow us to give them a chance, as well.
    • Please note: All ages are accepted. We realize the four Avengers are all pretty young writers, but this blog’s focus is about YA books and writers, not actual teenaged writers. Basically, ANYONE OF ANY AGE IS MORE THAN WELCOME TO APPLY. (Psst... bonus points if you say Loki is your favorite)
  • Questions? Post in the comments! We hope you enjoy this! We’re really excited! And we’re planning even MORE with these Fury Awards that we haven’t even posted yet. So be prepared for ALL the awesome.
  • And of course, prepare for world domination, by myself - Loki.


  1. I cannot wait for "The Fury Awards" and oh to be a fly on the wall when the interviews are going on.

  2. I cracked up at "HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR

  3. Wow you guys are taking on a lot of work but BOY will everyone enjoy this YA LOVE-a-thon!!! :) Sounds awesome... what a great way to spread the word!!! (Can't wait to see who the three new members are!)

    Iron Man: Well duh. I'm helping run them. *hee hee*

    <3 Jessica

  4. Does having superpowers help one in the application process? Because I do enough archery that I'm practically Hawkeye except not as good, and female. :D Ehehe!

  5. Avengers! And the upcoming events look way too exciting. ARCs? Aaaaah. Poor Loki though. Got a lot of flack in this post. I think it should be called the Loki Awards too!

  6. I can't wait! I've only just discovered this blog, but it's quite amazing and very helpful :)

    For the new Avengers... how exactly will it work? Will we need to share our emails to help write the blog? I'd love to apply, but I'm not allowed to share my email with people I don't know.

  7. Are the Fury Awards coming back again in 2014/2015?