It's Time to Take a Break, a post by Captain America

Sometimes, writing just doesn't cut it. It could be the love of your life (have you heard of the saying, do what you love? It's relatively new, I think), but there will be a time when you just can't.

Me, tired.
And that's when you know it's time for a break.

It could be writer's block. It could be the plain ol 'I'm sick of it'. Whatever it is, don't feel bad to step away.

That's the key. If you stress out and worry about the words you've left idling in Microsoft Word (it's a type of writing software, I've been told), your break wouldn't be a break at all. And when get back from said fake break, you'll suffer.

So take a break. Do something else. Fight off Loki's attempts to control you. Protect the world from mayhem. Avenge mankind. There are countless things you can do. And while you're doing those these? Inspiration will hit when you least expect it. A flow of words you never would have thought of while sitting at your computer will trickle into your mind when you're throwing that final punch into that villain's gut.

No villains to punch? Try these easy steps. Inspiration will punch you in the gut.

Browse. I used to like strolling down the streets of Boston back when I was... little, shall we say. Now, the world is at your fingertips. I frankly don't like the internet, but I've found that Pinterest is safe for eyes like mine. No disgusting inappropriate images pop up when I've searched for something else entirely.

Read. Pick up a book - possibly one outside your subgenre but in the same age group. So if you write YA fantasy, pick up a YA contemporary. Or if you can handle it, pick up a fantasy or three. You'll be surprised at how many ideas will spring from reading so many books at once.

Bake. This works for Thor and no one else.

Party. Only Stark, apparently, finds inspiration at parties. The rest of us find headaches.

Write. Now you're saying - didn't you just say take a break? I did. But if you've got a bad case of writer's block, maybe it's time to set that story aside and start something else. I guarantee that while you're working on that something else, inspiration will hit.

Relax. Drop everything and relax. Sit outside and watch the cars go by. Or the trees wave. Or go for a walk. There's too much in your head, I think.

This post does not mean I need a break, nor that I'm facing writer's block... or maybe it does. Does it matter? And yes, I'm still missing that backspace key, why do you ask?

-Captain America

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  1. Truth! You speak truth Cappy! I've been on this break from my terrible first draft for a while (like 4 months or so) and it's totally helping. I'm getting back into the story and getting more excited about refinishing it into the story, even though I've been focusing on a new story. Breaks totally help save your sanity. And your story. Hehe.