Thor's Life After the Book Deal

When I fell to Earth from Asgard, the idea of publishing a novel was quite literally the farthest thing from my mind. But one thing led to another, and all these years later I have, indeed, secured a book deal. It's very exciting. It's also not what I expected -- mostly because I didn't know what to expect. Before my all-powerful (and lovely) human agent secured the deal, I tried using that “google” tool Stark directed me to in order to discover what a writer could expect after a book deal. I didn't find much of anything. The whole process seemed very hush-hush.

Therefore, I thought it might be helpful for me to divulge my experience of the process for any aspiring writers (or curious literature fanatics) out there. Hopefully someday someone will use the google search engine like I did and find this post on the first page of the search results. (I was too lazy to look past page one, and I have no doubt you humans are even lazier.)

Everyone's journey is different, but this is mine. Here is a timeline of events beginning with the day I received an offer of publication:

Day One: My human agent talked with me over a device called a telephone. The heavens rained down their good grace. I wanted to run through the streets rejoicing at the top of my lungs, but did not want to—what is the term—jinx it? So instead I consumed copious amounts of mead. (My human alter ego would like you to know she did not actually consume alcohol, as she is not yet allowed to under the petty laws of government.)

Days Two-Seven: I continued my internal rejoicing and feasted in order to distract myself from sharing the news prematurely over that thing called twitter, which is very addicting. It was hard to stay quiet.

Day Eight: I received the news from my human agent that my offer of publication was announced over the prestigious platform known as “Publisher's Marketplace.” I logged into my twitter account to find that the “Publisher's Marketplace” announcement had been seen by many already. Many offered congratulations. I drank many tankers of mead and smiled a lot.

Month One-Month Two: I spoke with the female human who offered me publication -- she's called an "editor" -- for the first time. I worked on a new writing project. I told the other Avengers I was spending Christmas Vacation in Asgard, but in reality I went to a secluded island and enjoyed long walks on the beach.

Mostly, I waited for the letter I was expecting from my editor, which would help me make my novel better. (I thought it was already perfect, but of course I was wrong.) I learned fast that there is lots and lots of waiting in the publishing business.

Late in month two I received said letter and began working on the revision process right away. It is currently Month Three and I have completed said revision and turned it into my editor. Now I am back in the waiting period. I spend lots of time working out and tweeting with wonderful people. I also discovered something in the great black hole of the internet called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries -- have you heard of it? It has a dashing male lead. It's helped my weeks move faster.

That's all for now. I'll continue to update you about my life after the book deal as my life progresses. See all you ladies on the beach.


  1. Lizzie Bennet is a great black hole to get sucked into. As as I said on twitter. Look at you, looking good.

  2. So cool! Congrats on the book deal (I know I'm late). Lovely post.