Finding Time To Write When You're a Demi-God

It's hard to be a demi-god, I'm not going to lie. People expect so much from you. They expect me to look pretty and make thunder and save the world, even when all I want to do is down a few tankards of coffee and chug out some papers of my novel. I mean really, can't I get a break?

But I still make the whole writing thing work. I have to because I love it.

If you're in a similar dilemma, trying to find time to write when you're a demi-god (or a human), here are some things to remember:

  1. A dirty bedroom or house is nothing to be ashamed of. (My adopted brother's house is worse, trust me.)
  2. If friends get angry with you for never going out with them, smash them with a hammer apologize in your book acknowledgements. (Sorry, Loki grabbed the keyboard for a second there.)
  3. There are ingenious technologies that allow you to jot down story ideas on the go, while you're out saving the world. For example, the texting tool on a cell phone or a voice recorder. I'm slowly learning how to use them, and if I can learn, so can you.
  4. Twitter reminds me of coffee. It's so amazing you'll want to drink more and more of it -- er, spend more and more time on it once you start, so be wary of that.
  5. Coffee can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or midnight snack.

That's all I can think of for now. Do you have any tips for me?


  1. *hehehe* are you sure that was Loki? And I keep telling my family that other people's houses are worse. They believe me so far ;)
    My tip: Never turn the computer off. I always have it on stand by, so I can bounce on those keys instantly when an idea comes.

  2. If I can, I like to give myself a specific "writing time". Small nephews and nieces often disrupt that, so I either type on one side of my computer screen while playing Madagascar on the other, or just give up and don't write that day. :P My biggest breakthrough was figuring out I didn't have to have an hour or so to write. I could use a five minute slot! I could! (Took practise for me, though.)

  3. Oh my demigod, that was hilarious. I'm totally following you guys now.

    Another thing I recommend is keeping a pad of paper or something on hand when you're at work. Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you're doing something completely unrelated.

  4. That was a great post! It made me actually laugh.

    Additional tips: beware of the addiction of Facebook also, and follow the tips given above. Computer on standby (a must for me), and notebooks EVERYWHERE - literally I have over 3 dozen small, yellow notebooks (mostly in my office but also in my purse, car, bedroom, etc.).
    Also, writing sprints are fantastic. I like to set a timer for 30 minutes and just write. No correcting of spelling or grammar (like nanowrimo). Then when it goes off I give myself a break of about 15 min (but you can choose a longer time)to do whatever else I need to get done. Then I do it all again.

  5. Love this post! I would definitely recommend lots of coffee and when cleaning, always use an opportunity to sweep things under a rug, couch, those friends we neglect, and hide that mess! :)

  6. I tend to have trouble finding time for writing, especially now exams are coming up :(. I would recommend making writing a priority -- it sounds silly, but if you class writing time up there with revision time and reading tim (or whatever you love doing [that isn't writing!]), then you realise that there IS time in the day, you've just been spending it on Facebook. Or blogs. :)