How to Act When You Meet Your Favorite Author

Good Monday, readers. I am here today to discuss a truly exciting event that occurred this past weekend. I journeyed to the kingdom of Los Angeles for a festival of magnificent proportions, where I observed and met authors whose books made me smile, cry, and want to smash windows with my hammer.

I'm sure you're wondering which authors I mean. I attended panels which included the likes of Elizabeth Wein, A.J. King, Gennifer Albin, Cornelia Funke, Lauren Oliver, Victoria Schwab, and Veronica Roth.


She is one of my very favorite authors. She signed my copy of Divergent and wished me luck with my novel, and I nearly excreted human bodily fluids from excitement. That would have been quite embarrassing.

Since this experience has been on my mind since Saturday, I thought I would share some quick tips with you about things to do and remember when you meet your favorite author, in order to avoid embarrassment and appear like the attractive demi-god you really are.


  • brush your hair and put on your best cape
  • remember to bring any books you own that were written by the author
  • write your name on a sticky note so the author will know how to spell it (you'd think "Thor" would be simple, but alas)
  • tell the author if his/her book has inspired you in any way (he/she will love to hear it)
  • remember to bring a camera along for a picture, if that's allowed
  • tell the author you know where he/she lives and spend a lot of time watching him/her go about his/her daily life (this may come across as stalking)
  • spend 20 minutes sharing your life story or describing your novel when there's a long line of people waiting behind you (I made Loki stay home because I was sure he'd do this)

Above all, remember it's perfectly normal to be shy/scared/excited and not have any idea what to say.

Yes, even demi-gods get shy.



  1. Thanks for the tip, Thor~

    I'm the type that always worries I'll start gushing when I meet somebody I really admire, so it's good to know we're still okay telling them that they've inspired us. That's great to know!

  2. Haha those are probably some good Don'ts to follow. :D And OOOH yes for the Cape. I think I have a green one somewhere in my closet for special occasions like that. :D

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! I'd love a chance to try out these tips. And Veronica Roth?!! Ohhh man. SO LUCKY.

  4. :D That must have been so much fun!
    My son & I got to meet Rick Riordan a few years ago. Son was cool at age 8 and I was totally fangirling. LOL