Loki's April Fools Prank on Captain America

Loki was sitting at his computer when Captain America walked into the room. Loki smiled and rubbed his hands together.

LOKI: Hey, Grandpa, look at this

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Hey, Loki, what is it?

LOKI: I thought I'd educate you more in modern technology.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Since when did you want to help me? And what do you know about 'modern tech' anyway?

LOKI: I know everything about 'modern tech.' I am a god. And I get tired of your stupidity.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: There is only one god. And he does not look like you. Just show me whatever it is so I can go.
Loki rolls his eyes.

LOKI: It's called Google Nose.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: You mean Google Knows.

Loki shows Captain America the screen.

LOKI: No, you idiot. Google NOSE.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Wait. That's a typo, right? I mean, Google DOES know everything.

LOKI: Google is not a person. But anyway, it is not a typo. This is modern tech.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Is she... is she smelling her screen?

LOKI: The Internet has merged with reality.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Woah. I was just thinking about that the other day. I mean, tech offers everything, but you can't actually smell the forest or the lemons or the real world.

LOKI: Now you can.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I'm impressed. So how does it work?

Captain America sits down beside Loki.

LOKI: Go ahead. Click "Try Google Nose." You do know how to click, right?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Yeah, greenie. I do.

LOKI: Greenie?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Yes. Get rid of that ridiculous green and gold outfit and I'll call you something else.

LOKI: You wear a star on your chest. I've seen similar clothes at Gymboree.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Since when did you start going to infant clothing stores?

LOKI: It's at the mall. Next to Auntie Anne's. Nevermind that. Just click "Try Google Nose."

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Auntie Anne's? I thought I was the Grandpa.

Captain American clicks.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: It says 'Dumpster.' Of all the scents to get me to like them, they choose dumpster?

LOKI: Huh. I got lemons. Modern tech must not like you. Now click "Smell."

CAPTAIN AMERICA: It says "transmitting."

LOKI: That means it's about to work.

Captain American leans into the screen and sniffs.

LOKI: Do you smell it?


LOKI: Maybe you need to try again. Or do you have allergies or something? Really, modern tech is not this hard to work.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: No, I don't have allergies Dr. Idiot. Where's the smell? Did you smell lemons?

LOKI: Actually, I did. Why, can you not?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Did you actually smell lemons or the bottle of Pledge you spilled on the table last night?

LOKI: Fine. I'll click it again, if you don't believe me.

Loki clicks.

LOKI: Airport terminal... I blew one up once. And this does smell like it.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: What's that supposed to smell like? Click again.

LOKI: Fine. I'll click again, if that makes you happy.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: [deadpans] It would make me happy, yes.

LOKI: Garlic breath.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Now that I have first-hand experience of, smelling your breathe all the time.

LOKI: Sniff, Grandpa.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Oh look, there are little wafts of the scent being transmitted!

LOKI: *sighs*

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I don't... I don't smell anything.

LOKI: Maybe you should press your face to the screen.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: HEY. Stop pushing me. My nose!

Loki cackles.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *struggles* You-stop-Loki!

LOKI: *lets go of Captain America* April Fool's, Grandpa!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: They still do that? April Fool's?

LOKI: It's the one day of the year allotted for mischief. Like my holiday. And we STILL do it.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Your holiday, huh? *wipes nose* You got me, Loki. Let me give you a hug.

LOKI: Maybe you should just buy me a cake.

Captain America lunges.

LOKI: Don't touch me.

Loki runs.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *grabs shield* Stop running, coward!

Loki laughs manically.

Captain America makes sure no one is watching, then sniffs screen again.

LOKI: (to self) Even better, I got a webcam shot of Grandpa's nose hairs.