Shawarma Joint Book Club - SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo

The YAvengers celebrate their days off by stopping by the Shawarma Joint Iron Man discovered back when they thwarted Loki's plans to take over the world.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *drops into chair* Read anything good lately?

LOKI: *raises eyebrow* Since when did you read, old man?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *shrugs* *is silent for a moment* People read to go places, right? New places they've never seen. I never thought I'd see the future. And now that I think about it, I actually went somewhere, like in a book, out of time, out of place. It might not be real, but reading makes me feel better, not so... messed up.

-------------SILENCE FALLS--------------

LOKI: I swear I heard a cricket chirping. Anyway, I read SHADOW AND BONE not too long ago, by a mortal named Leigh Bardugo.

Shadow and Bone (The Grisha, #1)
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LOKI: *crosses arms* Yes, Grandpa, I can read.

THOR: I am surprised, brother. That is a book of greatness!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Hold up. How did Loki get into our shawarma joint?

LOKI: The front door.

IRON MAN: You can also leave via the front door.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Exactly. Now leave.

THOR: No, wait, I want to hear why he likes SHADOW AND BONE.

IRON MAN: Okay, point break, he can stay. *turns to Loki* What did you think of SHADOW AND BONE, Loki? Because no one cares.

LOKI: *bristles* I liked the giant black hole in the book. Excellent.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *snorts* Sounds like you would. I really liked the story as a whole.

LOKI: Did you read SHADOW AND BONE, Stark?

IRON MAN: *takes a bite* No.


IRON MAN: What? It's not like I have time to read every single book out there. I only read the best.

THOR: You must read this one.

LOKI: It IS the best. Though nothing is better than me, so it is second best.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I agree, one of the best books I've ever read. And I've been around a long time.

IRON MAN: The best, huh? How so?

LOKI: Giant. Black. Hole. Do I make myself clear?

IRON MAN: There are black holes in space too, Loki, you don't see me reading them.

THOR: There's lots of intrigue and danger. Also magic.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I love that magic is actually a form of science in the world. And betrayal. You know what it's like to be betrayed, Stark. This book is for you.

LOKI: There is nothing wrong with darkness. And the magic in the world is quite exact, yes. The world building overall was most glorious.

IRON MAN: Tell me more.

LOKI: The character development throws you. You can't trust anyone, and it's chilling to read.

THOR: You would like the love interest, Mal. He has nice hair.

IRON MAN: Fabulous hair, huh? I might just like that guy.

THOR: Great! You can borrow my copy.

LOKI: You're not having mine.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I wasn't a fan of Mal, really.

LOKI: I myself enjoyed the Darkling character.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Same here, as odd as it seems.

THOR: I'm Team Mal and proud.

IRON MAN: So I take it there's a love triangle? I'm done with those.

LOKI: It's not the love triangle you think.

IRON MAN: Well, you wouldn't know love if it danced in your face, idiot.

LOKI: There's one in my book. *crosses arms*

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Imagine that.

THOR: It's not a Hunger Games-type love triangle by any means.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Loki said it was the Hungry Games.

LOKI: You said it was the Hungry Games.


THOR: Well, it is not the Hungry Games.

IRON MAN: You would know, Thor.

LOKI: ANYWAY, it is not a regular love triangle, trust me.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: No one trusts you, Loki. But really, Stark, it's not a traditional love triangle. It starts off as one but there's a big twist I never saw coming.

IRON MAN: I rarely fall for twists. I see them before I even open the book.

LOKI: Love triangle aside, the Russian-esque setting was really interesting. And I don't even care about human cultures.

THOR: Yes! I loved the setting.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Oh, that was the best part.

IRON MAN: That's great and all *yawns* but I'm not all that convinced.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Look, Stark, there are incredible, fleshed-out characters, a vivid scenery, really good food - I know how much you love food - and a plot you've never seen before - complete with a twist I swear you won't see coming.

LOKI: You could learn something from it.

IRON MAN: I know everything... But I must say, it isn't always that you find a book that has everything in it. I'm interested. Not 100%, but I'm interested.

LOKI: I can make you 100% interested.

IRON MAN: I don't want to hear you speak, Loki. You shouldn't even be here in the first place.

LOKI: As far as I'm concerned, you're the odd one out here, Stark. Everyone else loves the book.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: *laughs* For once, I agree with him.

THOR: Yup, I like Loki better than you today, Stark.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: You always do. He's your brother.

THOR: Not true. Most days I can't stand him.

LOKI: I don't think I like any of you better than normal.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: You do, Loki, you just don't want to admit it.

IRON MAN: *leans back* I get it. I'll read the book and prove you all wrong.

THOR: Good. About the reading part, you will prove no one wrong other than yourself.

LOKI: Agreed.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Great! I knew you'd come through. And trust me, you will love it. Even more than... your hair.

IRON MAN: *rolls eyes* We'll see about that.

Later, when the YAvengers are getting ready to leave the Shawarma Joint:

THOR: *claps Captain America on back* That was not so bad, Captain. We shall meet up again for more shawarma and more books soon.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I would like that.

LOKI: *rolls eyes*


  1. BAHAHA. Greatness. Superheroes discussing books FTW!!!! Espescially on Shadow and Bone! LOVE that book! Good choice. :D And Thank you Thor for being on Team Mal. I give you permission to be my best friend. :D
    <333 Inky

  2. It's on my to-read pile too (gee, that pile is getting big). Loki, you are an awesome-breaker-of-awkward-silence.