Want to Join the YAvengers Initiative? Here's Your Chance

The YAvengers are getting pretty lonely, and we want YOU to join us... Moreover, I need someone to talk to other than Loki, Thor, and Iron Man, who jabber pointlessly day after day. And with the kickoff of The Fury Awards, we'll be needing more hands around here.

We're on the lookout for possibly three new recruits: Black Widow, The Hulk, and Hawkeye.

Rather than simply asking those we know, we decided to offer an application, because we want to consider everyone who would (and could) be a wonderful addition to the team - people we might not even know yet. Because let's face it, no one knew me. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn. And if I had never tried, or if I was never given that chance, I'd be a skinny, dead guy in Brooklyn right now.

But let's not dwell on the past. Would you like to be a YAvenger?

Starting today, anyone (yes, any age, with any sort of/no writing experience, anything) can fill out the application found below. No one will be judged by who they are, but we are looking to see what YOU have to offer in terms of dedication and enthusiasm, and as such, all the questions in the application apply to the YAvengers and nothing else. Rest assured, only we will see your responses, and I'll make extra certain that Loki doesn't do anything mischievous with your answers.

Points to remember:
-Your submission is completely safe, answers will be shared with no one.
-You may or may not be assigned the Avenger you choose.
-If your submission goes through successfully, you should receive a confirmation message.
-You will be contacted if we believe you will be a good fit for us.
-Deadline for submissions are April 19th.
-Have fun! And be sure to spread the word.


  1. I won't be replying since I just joined the ranks of YA Confidential, but I wish the applicants luck!

  2. This is pretty, pretty cool...

  3. I applied yesterday, but I didn't receive a confirmation... did it not go through? :(

    1. It came through! Thanks and good luck.

    2. I'm experiencing the same problem as Krista...did my application go through?? :)

  4. I submitted. It might not be the coolest entry, but...I submitted.