How Important is an Online Presence?

Back in my day, computers were... well, truth is, I've never heard of a computer till now. Yeah. No computers.

And no computers meant no internet. We had typewriters, sure. But I used to write my own stuff on sheets of these things called paper. Oh, you have that now too? I should ask Stark to order some. Ironically, I could probably buy it off the internet.

Ah. The internet. I, unlike you, have a fresh perspective on the internet, coming from a time when it never existed. I've noticed that in today's world, an online presence is crucial. More than that, it's pretty much a lifeline if you want to succeed.

How sad.

Ahem. That being said, if you're a published author, soon-to-be-published author, or even an aspiring author: a streamlined online presence is a must.

How do you start? There are tons of social media networks out there, and believe me when I say I know it can be overwhelming. So where should you be?

-Twitter. It's where everyone's at. And in my opinion, it's the easiest to maintain. Just drop 140 characters and boom, you're done.

-Facebook. I'm not in love with it. I don't even understand the name (you should see Thor's confusion). But I've found you can link your Twitter to your Facebook, making a tweet auto-post on Facebook. You reach a larger audience with one post. This is an example of an expression I used to say: killing two birds with one stone.

-A blog. This might be the hardest to maintain. You can't post 140 characters. Your title would probably be that long. But you're a writer, and if you're a real writer, you would never run out of things to say. Post about your books - not solely about your books - but about where you find/found inspiration for your writing, post images that you feel reflect you and your books, talk, talk, talk.

-A website. I wouldn't say an aspiring author needs one, but if you've released a novel, you are way behind in the game. Even I know that. Have a book releasing soon? Get yourself a website with these crucial pages: home (obviously, to set the stage), about, books, contact. Other pages to consider: FAQ, News/Events, Extras. Readers like to visit an author's website when they either want to read your book, or want to know more about the book they've just read. Think of your website as an extension of your book, or in the case of potential readers, another marketing campaign. Do not disappoint them.

And remember: streamlining your online presence makes it all the better. How do you streamline? Once you have your website, try to match your blog, Twitter, and Facebook to it in terms of design (this is coming from my designing alter ego). It will make you look more professional and more in the game. It will look great, I promise.

Obviously, you have free rein over your online presence, but always remember: potential agents, editors and readers will be looking over your work. And reading what you say. So always think twice before hitting publish.

Til next time *salutes*
-Captain America

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  1. Good advice, Captain! Making all your social media sites match is a good one. I like to keep the same profile picture wherever I go too. I have just started twitter (shakes nervously), 140 characters? Can't be too hard...