Hulk's 5 Ways to Smash Writer's Block

This being my first official post on YAvengers, I'll stick with something I know a lot about. Keep it low-key, you know? We all know what happens when I get excited.

So. What do I know a lot about? Smashing.

(No, it's not going to be about science this time, guys. I'll save my lecture on being a physicist and how to avoid gamma radiation for another post.)

I've smashed a lot of things in my lifetime (including some puny gods, I might add), but a how-to guide on 5-Ways-to-Smash-Aliens probably won't help you. (We Avengers should have dealt with them before they get to you.) I settled for something just as annoying. Writer's Block.

1. Take a break

Switch off the computer. Put down the pen. Stop thinking about writing. Don’t nibble your nails and worry how you should be writing. Hang out with friends. Go for a walk. Read a book. Relocate to India. 

Stop. Thinking. About. Your. Writing. 

2. Do something physical 

It’s amazing what some fresh air can do.

Take a walk. A swim. Do yoga (this works wonders with anger-issues too). Go on a bike ride. Run up and down some stairs. Defeat some aliens. Rearrange your bedroom. Clean – clean everything. Cook a triple layer chocolate cake (better take the run afterwards). Drink some water. 

But don’t try to think about writing while you’re outside gulping some air. Just relax. Enjoy yourself. 

3. Talk through the block

Grab someone (a good friend, a family member, a stray cat) and tell them what the problem is. Sometimes a simple suggestion is all it takes to smash the block.

Sometimes, when you’re talking it out, you’ll end up spurting the answer yourself. 

But we don’t always have someone on hand to talk to, right? In that case, try writing to yourself.
Pull up a fresh document on your computer. Grab a notebook and favourite biro. Just write as if you were talking to someone.

4. Read a good book

Read a new book. Grab a few old favourites (you know, the ones that inspired you to start writing in the first place). Read wide. Read long. Read a lot.

You can only pour out what you take in. As a writer, it’s important to read. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in your own work and forget to read. But you have to refill your creative tank!

5. Do a "Just Write" exercise

Sometimes it’s called “streaming your consciousness”. Set a timer and go for it. Whatever comes out, let it rip. It’s okay if what you write is complete rubbish (it’s supposed to be).

Who cares what it’s about? This isn’t for your book. No one’s going to see it. It’s not for publishing. This is for you. Go for however long you want. 5 minutes. 15 minutes. Maybe even a solid 20. If you’re intimidated by the idea, start small and work up.

Get back into the groove of your fingers hitting keys and forming words and sentences and paragraphs. Create. You’re a writer, so that’s what you love, isn’t it?

Do you  have some tips you can share with me? What helps you break through writer's block?


  1. Ooh, I love these tips! :D I must try number 3, though I hope I never have to use any of these tips again. ;) (Crazy fantasy, right)?

    I did a post on The Write Practice called "Just Write" and I think a lot of the tips help with writer's block, too. Here's the link:

    1. Yes! Number 3 is my favourite too. (I use Mime!) Totally, YES, to crazy fantasy. I'm going to look up that link, thanks!

  2. Hulk FTW!! Love your tips. I agree! But I think the most effective one for me is "talking it out". My best friend is like my "spew-story-issues-at" go-to girl. It's awesome how well that works.

    I would also suggest writing something different. Write a new scene, or something in a completely different story just for a breather! Totally works.

    Woot for smashing WB!

    1. I have a writer-sister who is AWESOME for talking it out. I've got through a stack of blocks that way. And also abandoning the entire scene and doing something different. Definite plus. ;)

      N'aw, thanks! My first post (eeek!), that was very un-Hulkish.

  3. I read online that you can try taking a shower. Really anything to make you relax. And I read that acting out a scene you're stuck on helps, too. I've never actually tried it though.

    1. Acting out a scene sounds fun! Might be hard for me, when I get stuck on some medieval battle scene. Wait! I have siblings. Target practise? ;)

  4. That's a good idea. I've had a bit of a writer's block for a week, and it feels weird. I've been writing some, but not much. I also don't really have anyone I can talk to about writing-y stuff. My family doesn't know about my latest novel because I think they'd judge me ("In your book, people paralyze people? You thought of this?") and I already talk about writing way too much to my twin sister, because she likes reading, but apparently hearing me talk about writing isn't exactly spellbinding. Darn it.
    I also like using awesome writing prompts.

    1. Oh, I think Mime turns off at times too, but as long as she's there (semi-listening) then usually it helps. I took up writing to myself though. Myself and I make fabulous plans on our own.

  5. This is a really good list! I especially like the idea of free writing. Although, I've only tried it once.

    I really like thinking up a completely random sentence and going from there. (Sometimes it's hard to come up with the sentence too though!) Also, just writing has helped me a lot. Just start. :)

    Relocate to India...XD Love it!

    1. Hehe! I', I mean, Hulk is working hard at making the post all his. India. ;) I study the Avengers hard.

      Random sentences! Yes! I follow a group on pinterest called Writers Write, and they give one-sentences prompts all the time. I should actually USE some of them.