TFA's In the Spotlight: Featuring CODA - and a Q&A with Author Emma Trevayne

Ladies and gents, this is Thor speaking. It's my turn to introduce you to an author with a book coming out very soon -- next Tuesday, to be exact. In case you forgot what the Fury Awards are, check out the details here.

Read on for information concerning Emma Trevayne and her masterpiece, CODA.

Emma Trevayne is the author of CODA, a YA cyberpunk novel about an evil corporation who use music as an auditory drug to subdue a futuristic society, out Spring 2013 from Running Press Kids.

Thor: Welcome to my favorite coffee shop, Emma. Please pitch your debut novel, CODA, in 140 characters or less.

Emma Trevayne: Put your headphones on. Relax. Drift away to a world where music is a drug, and drugs are deadly. 

Thor: Few people know it, but music plays a big part of life on Asgard. Music also plays a major role in CODA. Do you have any musical talents?

Emma: Not really! I can competently play a few instruments, but absolutely not well enough to write home about. I'm very good at collecting other people's music. 

Thor: Ah, well, we can't all be good at everything. Now do tell -- how many cups of coffee (or other caffeinated beverage of your choice) did you consume while writing CODA?

Emma: I think I just broke my "0" key with overuse. Seriously, I can't remember, and if I could, I still couldn't count that high. Lots. Lots and lots.

Thor: I like you already. An author's journey to publication can be a bit like the journey a human takes to become a superhero. Can you tell us about your journey to getting CODA published?

Emma: Well I got bitten by a spider, and a terrible fever raged through me... Actually the fever part is true. I had the flu when I came up with the idea for CODA the week of Christmas 2010. I wrote a few thousand words right away, spent January mulling over whether the idea was too insane, and wrote it between February and May. I edited and then got an agent at the end of June. We edited together, went out on submission, and got an offer from my lovely editor in December 2011. After that was more editing, an agent switch (my first one left the business), MORE editing, and finally it became the book that will be out very soon!

Thor: Give us three:

-Favorite vacation spots:

Emma: Greece, Mexico, New York City. Although New York never feels much like a vacation, I love it there.

-Favorite people with beautiful hair:

Emma: People I know, or celebrities? We'll go with celebrities because "my friend X has the most awesome cut" won't really make sense to most people. Um, Christina Hendricks, Kirsten Vangsness, Ezra Miller.

-Favorite movies:

Emma: Can I count all of the HP movies as 1? Okay. Tangled and Casino. 

Thor: Thanks for joining us, Emma!

Here's a little bit more about Emma's debut novel, CODA, which releases on May 7th, 2013 from Running Press Kids.


Ever since he was a young boy, music has coursed through the veins of eighteen-year-old Anthem—the Corp has certainly seen to that. By encoding music with addictive and mind-altering elements, the Corp holds control over all citizens, particularly conduits like Anthem, whose life energy feeds the main power in the Grid.

Anthem finds hope and comfort in the twin siblings he cares for, even as he watches the life drain slowly and painfully from his father. Escape is found in his underground rock band, where music sounds free, clear, and unencoded deep in an abandoned basement. But when a band member dies suspiciously from a tracking overdose, Anthem knows that his time has suddenly become limited. Revolution all but sings in the air, and Anthem cannot help but answer the call with the chords of choice and free will. But will the girl he loves help or hinder him?

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  1. Oh gosh, this looks amazing! I LOVE music (I play 3 instruments). And with a name like Anthem? I'm sold. Need. This. Book.