When Writing Has no Time in Your Day

Let's face it. We have lives. Some of us choose to do wrong (ahem, Loki) others choose to have so many things to do that they have no time to do any of them.

As someone who is always busy - either designing as my alter ego, reading, or living my life as Captain America - time is hard to come by for writing.

But no matter what, if you call yourself a real writer, you have to write every day. In the Fierce Reads panel the other day, Leigh Bardugo (the author of SHADOW AND BONE who I was lucky enough to meet) put it beautifully: don't let one day without writing turn into a month. Write everyday, even if it's just a few words in your journal, or lines on the back of a receipt. Even if you have writer's block, ESPECIALLY if you have writer's block. Write, write, write.

But what if you can't set time for it? Here's a trick. Don't.

When there's something you want to do, chances are you'll do it no matter what. Work, work and work, and then you'll subconsciously make time for what you love without meaning to. Even if you're dead-tired, you'll prolong your bedtime just so you can get in a little writing before hitting your pillow. You have to feel it in you - you have to feel the guilt of missing a day of writing even if you can't find the words for it.

Some people find it easy to follow a daily schedule. Wake up at this time, eat at this time, exercise, socialize, write, and so on. But if you're like me, everyday brings a new challenge, a different task. No two days are alike. A schedule you set up today will make you snort in laughter tomorrow. I mean, just yesterday I had to go arrow-shopping with Hawkeye, who ever thought that would happen?

So what I'm saying is, make writing a spontaneous habit that you do every day without making it a job you do everyday. As ironic as that sounds, it works.

Writing is a hobby. A gift. Something to love. Don't make it a job, or that's all it will be. And jobs that are hard to do are jobs done wrong.

Now, onto following my own advice.

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  1. This has been me lately! I've been so busy that I can't just write my heart out, but my goal is to open..an up that doc and write at least a paragraph or even spend time writing down story notes so that I'm always thinking about it. Love it!