TFAs in the Spotlight: RELIC by Renee Collins

Hello, minions. Hope your summer is going terribly (particularly you, Stark), and if it is, don't worry, I have a new book for you to look forward to. Here's my interview with Renee Collins, author of RELIC.

 Renee is a YA writer who loves historical settings, magic, and semi-tragic romance. She is represented by  Mollie Glick of Foundry Literary + Media. Her first novel, RELIC, a YA fantasy set in the Old West, comes out September 3rd 2013!

Find Renee on Goodreads and her Website.

LOKI: Pitch your novel in a tweet. 

RENEE: YA Fantasy set in the rugged Old West, where miners pan for magic bones of extinct fantasy creatures, a girl fights to protect her sister.

LOKI: What about the concept of RELIC originally caught your attention? 

RENEE: I've always been intrigued with the idea of magic as a physical commodity that could be bought and sold, a commodity that would, naturally, drive the economy. One of my very first story ideas ever played with the idea of having the fossils of long-extinct fantasy creatures as that commodity, but that book never really materialized. Then one day, years later, I was gripped with the desire to set a fantasy story in the Old West. And the two concepts came together so nicely. It just clicked. 

LOKI: That is the best feeling, resurrecting an old idea and pairing it with a new. As you were writing RELIC, did you have any embarrassing mistakes (like typos, name switching, mixing up book and real life)?

RENEE: I did base one character in RELIC on someone I know in real life. I won't say who, because if this person found out, I'd be pretty embarrassed. 

LOKI: In my novel, I base the puny wimp of a rival off of someone, too. *coughs* Thor *coughs* What was one aspect of the publishing process that was just as you expected and one aspect that was different?

RENEEL Being on submission was just as I expected. HARD. My emotions were all over the place. But really, how else could it be? It's the Big Moment. The Do or Die. If you care at all about being published, that period of time is going to be intense.
One aspect that was different was how crazy busy life became right after signing my book deal. I really wasn't expecting it to come on so strong, so fast!

LOKI: Give us three:

Guilty pleasures

RENEE: Big, gas station size Dr Peppers. The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I'm a board games geek! I love Settlers of Catan.
LOKI: Celeb crushes

RENEE: LOKI. (Also known as Tom Hiddleston.) Josh Groban, Johnny Depp.
LOKI: I approve of your celeb crushes. Pet peeves

RENEE: People who crowd my FB/Twitter feed with their rigid political views (be that left or right winged.) TV commercials that blatantly objectify women. Internet trolls. 

 After a raging fire consumes her town and kills her parents, Maggie Davis is on her own to protect her younger sister and survive best she can in the Colorado town of Burning Mesa. In Maggie’s world, the bones of long-extinct magical creatures such as dragons and sirens are mined and traded for their residual magical elements, and harnessing these relics’ powers allows the user to wield fire, turn invisible, or heal even the worst of injuries.

Working in a local saloon, Maggie befriends the spirited showgirl Adelaide and falls for the roguish cowboy Landon. But when she proves to have a particular skill at harnessing the relics’ powers, Maggie is whisked away to the glamorous hacienda of Álvar Castilla, the wealthy young relic baron who runs Burning Mesa. Though his intentions aren’t always clear, Álvar trains Maggie in the world of relic magic. But when the mysterious fires reappear in their neighboring towns, Maggie must discover who is channeling relic magic for evil before it’s too late.

Relic is a thrilling adventure set in a wholly unique world, and a spell-binding story of love, trust, and the power of good.

Add RELIC on Goodreads here.

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