3 Things Writers Can Look Forward To

Aaaand, Hulk is back! Yes, I was away for a long time, with limited WiFi (which is good, because Fury couldn't find me). I had a great time in outback Australia. There are a lot of kangaroos there. Most of them are dead.

But that's not what you want to hear, right? So. Writing. I will do my best to minimise my hypothesises on intercommunications (a.k.a. I will speak without the science jargon).

3 Things Writers Can Look Forward To

1. Writer's Block

Don't fool around. You're going to get writer's block at some point. Nope, I'm not being negative -- it's a fact of life.

Why do writers get blocked? There's only a billion reasons. Like:

a) Your book is better then mine.
b) I'll never write brilliantly.
c) Oh! I had success...I will never write brilliantly like that again.
d) I don't know where I'm going with this story.
e) My characters suck.
f) What if my plots are too simple?
g) My mystery doesn't have any mystery in it.
h) My first sentence is great! What do I write next...?

2. Rejections

I'm not just talking about querying or submitting to publishers. I'm talking about good ol' fashioned "You suck" rejections from the humanoids we often refer to as...acquaintances.

To be honest, no matter what you do, there will always be someone who thinks your writing is dumb. They might even say so (boo to them). They might say so nicely, but let's face it: a rejection with a pretty blue ribbon is still a sucky rejection. We can't be awesome all of the time (no comment, please, Iron Man).

THEN you get to get REAL FAIR DINKUM rejections from agents and publishers and editors! It just gets better, right?!

3. Caffeine Addiction

This is debatable. I've heard some authors don't suffer from it (they might be a few neurons short of a cerebrum). But, most of us have this need for caffeine.

Chocolate. Coffee. Sugar. Put them all together and you have: super caffeine. Oh, don't worry! It's legal (for now). You can get hyped up on caffeine and you know what? You'll probably still write like a watermelon banging it's head on a keyboard -- but at least you'll have fun.

Have you encountered these Famous Three yet? What other common/freakish habits do Writers have? Add to my list!


  1. Yes, yes, and yes. But for me it's chocolate, not coffee. ;)

    1. Chocolate has caffeine. So it's still counted. ;)

  2. Good post, Hulky. I'm too much of a baby writer to have badly encountered the middle one, but yet. Chocolate! Writer's Block! The writer's life!

    1. I can reject your writing? If it'll help? (I'm good like that.)