2013 Wrap Up

Depending on your geographical location (I can't tell you where I am, because I'm hiding), there's only a few days left of 2013. Time for a quick relook at the YAvengers missions of the year, right?

And then we say, cheerio 2013.
See ya later, alligator.
In a while, crocodile.
See ya in the soup, mate.
Adios, amigos!

Okay, okay. On with the actual post.

This was a fairly awesome month. Why? The YAvengers Initiative started! Captain America, Loki, Iron Man and Thor pledged allegiance to Fury (?) and began the mission of saving the world, one word at a time.

Iron Man (scares us) shows us what he'd be like as a Literary Agent. We challenge (author) Beth Revis and (editor) Patricia Riley to truth or dare. Thor confesses there is life after a book deal (weird).

Loki pulls a April Fools on Captain America. Thor discovers more time to write, between, you know, running around with that hammer of his. We featured Transparent and Chantress...before they were released. (We're cool like that.) PLUS. The Initiative expanded...welcome to Hawkeye, Black Widow and me (Hulk)!

This was our busiest month! Exciting stuff! Captain A talked about online presences, while Loki talks about the minds of writer (very, very scary). Iron Man and his new hair talk about betas! And let's not forget how we featured Charm & Strange, Insomnia, and Born of Illusion.

We reveal a trailer, Thor worries us, and Hawkeye connects to his archery (er, characters). We all got together for Loki's journey...writers block. Kill us now.

A quieter month. We were off fighting aliens in America (that's the only place aliens attack). We featured Relic and challenged (author) Em Garner to truth or dare. Iron Man talks about gifted characters and Captain America leaves himself wide open for an Irom Man capsicle-attack.

Loki shows off his fabulous hair (amongst other things) and Hulk says writers should read (and then smashes stuff). Black Widow talks about Introverts and Extroverts.

Black Widow picks on Mary Sue and Captain America talks names. We're very quiet this month. I suspect Iron Man is inventing a new suit and Captain America is feeling old. Hawkeye probably has his resting face on.

With NaNo just around the corner, Iron Man talks about defiance, NaNo, and ignoring Pepper (very BAD idea) and Hawkeye weighs the pros and cons of the whole write-50K-in-a-month-thing. Hulk gives you ideas on why (or why not) you should plot. Basically Hulk and Hawkeye like lists.

Thor talks about story structure (useful stuff) while Iron Man builds a world (can you imagine the chaos of a world-according-to-Iron-Man? Me neither). Hawkeye writes an adorable post about how to be in love with a minion. And Hulk promises you a crazy future of writer insanity! Yay! I'm assuming everyone survived NaNo. No punching walls? No plucking out eyeballs? All good.

We should celebrate the success! Iron Man hasn't put me to sleep with any more Switzerland monologues. And Thor has forgiven Loki for a million things. Oh, and let's not forget that Captain Ancient is slowly catching up to the modern era. (Did Loki ever give back the backspace key? I don't think so.)

Thor also talked about the submission process, Hawkeye tosses a little inspiration your way, and Black Wido hits people.

It's been a fun year.

With 2014 on the way, you can expect some exciting (and possibly including violent GIFs as seems our norm) things here at YAvengers.

To infinity and beyond? Okay, just stay cute. And keep writing!

-- Hulk


  1. Aw, good job, Avengers. Hulky, you're cracking me up. GIFs and your commentary. I love it. Very much.

  2. I think a world run by me would be far more interesting than a world run by everybody else. Not least because I'd leave all the actual day-to-day admin and laws and things to Pepper, who is infinitely more competent, and save myself for inventing things. It would be wonderful. ~Iron Man