A Spoonful of Sugar

Everyone writer gets down in the dumps at some point or another. Maybe it's writing induced, maybe not. But there's always going to be that low point where you lose the vision of your glorious novel and wonder if it's all even worth it.

When this happens to me, it usually results in me stop writing for a while until something perks me up again. And it's usually an inspiring quote from Pinterest. (It does have it's virtues.) I love reading quotes from authors about their struggles and lessons learned. I love beautiful metaphors on the joys of writing It reminds me I'm not perfect, and neither is my writing, and how much I love it. It's like a spoonful of sugar to get me writing again.

So if you're stuck in the slumps, forget your goals for writing. They will just loom over you. Forget the other ideas and trips for getting out. They are all fabulous, but ignore them. Just step back and let the inspiration roll over you. Sometimes that's all you need. Ready? Inspiration in 5...4...3....2...1...

I love when writing is described almost as a love story. It's such a beautiful thing when it's going strong. You can find it again! Find that heart!

Go on, inspire me. I dare you.

Sometimes the blind storytelling is the funnest part!

*gasp* That is a shocking thought! Write write write! 

I am no pussy! I know you aren't, so let's kick some butt and shed some tears! 

There you go guys. This is it! Hit that page! You got this! 

Later Days,

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