Hello 2014!

Well as of right now 2013 is officially history. Two thousand and fourteen has arrived bringing fresh starts, new opportunities and another year to accomplish writing!

It's pretty common around this time for people to take into account all these things and set those New Years Resolutions. Be it in regards to personal life or hobbies. Which also makes this a great time to asses your writing and what you want to accomplish for the new year.

As far as this goes for writing, I'm going to leave it up to you. Everyone writes and does things differently. Everyone considers progress made differently! So all I have to suggest is this;

Take a step back,
set your writing down 

Assess your work,
refresh yourself

And set some new goals.  
and get pumped up for the awesome to come! 

to balance it all out.

Here's to a new year to be filled with books; written and unwritten! May it rock!


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