Thor's Thoughts: Tenacity and Grit

Good day fellow writers!

It is Monday, and that means the beginning of a new week. It is January, which means the beginning of a new year. And will not 2014 be a great year for us all? Doctor Banner and the Archer were kind enough to review 2013 and give sage advice on looking forward into the coming year. I would like to offer my own bit of encouragement in the area of reaching goals.


SuperAgent Janet Reid wrote about this back in November. Aspiring writers tend to question every little thing when they are starting out. How important is a platform? How long should my chapters be? How much should I tweet? what should I blog about? Should I blog at all?

The answer is, success is so much more than any of that.

For us in YA, the market is very saturated, and tough to break into. But it is not impossible. The key to success -- in any aspect of life, but particularly in publishing -- is TENACITY. Determination. Long-term faith in the goals you have set for yourself. It's not about getting published tomorrow, or next week, or even this year. But if we devote ourselves to the little steps -- writing a certain word count each day/week/month -- we will gradually grow and our goals will become reality. Never give up. If you have a goal to be published, continue to do what it takes to make that a reality, no matter how long it takes.


This video is by Angela Lee Duckworth, a researcher with the University of Pennsylvania where they study such abstract things as GRIT to try and determine the keys to success. Her conclusions are that the main factor in success is -- as we said above -- a resolute determination to succeed no matter the challenges.

Writers, our road is not an easy one. Especially in YA, we have the constantly new audience base, the challenge of pleasing not only young people but the adults who also read YA, then there are the parents who want their children reading certain things but we want to be real to the teens, yet what is real? Do we even know?

My only advice to you, here at the beginning of 2014 is this:

decide what you want to do, and do it.

And may the Gods of Asgard watch over your progress.
I know I will.


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