Flash Fiction Winner

Greetings, fellow writers.

I wish to extend my great appreciation to those who entered my flash fiction contest. My fellow Avengers and I have read through the entries, and have chosen our favorite.

By common consent, and based on personal opinion, the winner is...




Congratulations! An email has been sent to you, so we can work out the details of your prize. For those interested, here is KJ's entry once again.

She yanked both boys into the hallway by the ear.

“But Mom, he started it.”

“I care not who started it!” She yelled. “I care that you clean it up before your father returns.”

“It’s not fair, Mother. Without his lightning there would be no fire. Therefore no damage. I don’t see why...?”

“Enough from both of you. You destroyed it together, you’ll fix it together.”

As she left, the blonde boy said to his brother, “You always get us into trouble.”

“I get us into mischief, Thor. You get us into trouble.”

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