NaNo's Over-- Have a Sonnet

The month has pass'd along-- let's start anew,
For NaNoWriMo left us destitute.
The links, the jokes, perhaps a gif or two
Prepare us for this month, our great reboot.

December dawn'd t'many a manuscript,
Both finish'd and stagnating in the mind;
Unwilling pen or flowing, words were ripp'd,
And growth from each will ready writer find.

From whence they came, the writers now retreat
To hermitage or city, as they choose;
Their mundane works they once again repeat,
'Til once again their pens they might enthuse.

With NaNoWriMo o'er, it's time to mend
The strangest of the words we have to tend.

NaNoWriMo is over!  Whether you won or you lost, we're proud of you.  You can now go back to your regular lives, but if you're looking for advice in editing this monster you've created, December is for you: Revision, or life after the first draft.  Yes, I could have said that without the sonnet, but I needed to perk myself up.

Once again, I'm Captain America, here to wrap up November in style.  Officially, November was "motivation/goal-setting/inspiration/busting writer’s block" month, but that's too hard to say in one breath.  I'm going to shorten it to NaNo-month, because I'm pretty sure that's all any of us could handle.

To begin the month, HAWKEYE WANTS YOU TO LIVE.  Agent Barton gave excellent tips on self-preservation through the month.  Outfits, food, exercise, food, music, food— he talks about all the necessary NaNo-tools you need to be awesome and not die.  Plus, food.

Didn't I tell you that Miss Potts wrote Stark's posts?  Well, this month I was right.  Iron Man bows to his better 12% in this amazing, encouraging, rather funny pep talk.  Miss Potts spills quite a few of Stark's tricks, plus gives advice so we don't all end up like him.  This is a post to read now, reread later, and save for whenever you're feeling down about writing.

Agent Coulson shares some SHIELD training tips in his post on writing sprints.  He gives reasons (they make you write really fast, for one obvious thing), and places to find sprints (I happen to know that Thor is among the myriad @FriNightWrites sprint leaders).  Writing sprints such as these practically wrote my fourth and fifth novels— I can attest to their success in raising your wordcount.

Would you look at that?  THOR WANTS YOU TO LIVE TOO.  With his customary subtlety, he slams Hawkeye's post into place, adding more gifs and more tips to help you survive.  Trust me, he knows what he's talking about.  (My general tactic is to freeze myself until the people trying to kill me are dead.)

About Thor, though...  Before you complain, or get popcorn (whichever is your custom when I tease Thor), this won't be a Thor joke post, any more than it already is.  Instead, I'd like to wish him a happy birthday.  His alter-ego celebrated a birthday during November, and my sources tell me Thor's official birthday is coming up in early December.  Thus, it's unanimous:

Have a Chitauri sky-whale, Thor.  It's the least we could do.

On with the month, then.  In all these encouraging posts about believing in yourself and not dying, I was happy to deliver the month's slap in the face: writer's block does exist.  But the hand slapping your face also holds a toolbox (this analogy is not working), in which you can find the solution to said writer's block.  Just because it's a problem doesn't mean it has to destroy you.  Just use the tools you have.  (Whew, saved it.)

Guess what?  HULK WANTS YOU TO LIVE TOO.  Thus, he gives you a giant hug.  (Is that supposed to keep you alive?)  Assisted in part by Dr. Banner, the Hulk bolsters your courage as words begin to weigh you down.  He wants you to make people happy with your words, and finish what you've started.  He believes in you.  This is a post all of us need to hear again and again.

Unfortunately, Hulk's hug squashed our other plans for the month.  Black Widow and Loki were unavailable for posting.  I'm not sure how everyone scored in their NaNoWriMo stats, but I know Thor was close, as of November 30th.  Iron Man won by days.  And me?  I got 8k.  Total.  It hurts, but I had a lot going on, and I had to learn a lot of hard lessons over the month.  My respect to all those who won this month, and I wish I could be among you.

If you won or if you lost, it's important that you tried.  Some can only wish to participate, and some (like Stark) seem to win automatically.  Nevertheless, NaNoWriMo is never easy, no matter how quickly the words may seem to come.  If you tried, good job.  And if you didn't do NaNo this year, I hope you survived all the NaNo hubbub.

Next month is Revision Month.  If you have a NaNoNovel to revise, great-- if not, don't sweat it.  These posts will be here for when you need them.  Remember, we just want you to live.

Until next time, fare thee well.  May the words, revisions, and sonnets flow.


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  1. Even if one doesn't finish NaNo it helps to even get some words written during it. More words are more words, no matter the count.