Thor's Celebratory Drinking Game

Greetings, mortals.

I must apologize, as my post should have been up over forty-eight Earth Hours ago. Since finishing NaNoWriMo, however, I have been somewhat distracted. Catching up on things, mostly, such as friendships, laundry, family, favorite television shows...

(It may be blasphemous to some, but I highly enjoy ARROW and THE FLASH...)

At any rate, November is now over, and hopefully most, if not all, of you have a solid chunk of brand new words. Whether it's fifty thousand or ten thousand, and whether they are shiny or in need of polishing, I am here to commend you. You went, you wrote, and you can take a night to congratulate yourself. And what better reward could you ask for than to play a drinking game with friends?


1. Gather your friends together and decide on a movie to watch. It can be AVENGERS, or a holiday movie of your choice, or something you've seen a dozen times before.

2. Since we are the YAvengers, and we write YA, talk YA, and hopefully have in our readership many actual YAs, I will recommend choosing a non-alcoholic drink for this game. Sparkling cider, your favorite soda, coffee, even a smoothie or hot chocolate will do, though some will be riskier than others. Once you've chosen your "poison," as it were. separate it into small servings. Mini-paper cups will do fine. Set these out in front of you on a table or tray for easy access.

3. The rest is simple. Each of you choose a character in the movie. Every time your character's name is said, you must take a drink. There are of course other ways to play. Choosing a word or phrase to drink to, or any time a particular object appears onscreen. Decide beforehand how you'd like to play. And remember to bring your cameras.

Granted, this will not have the inebriating affect of an alcoholic drinking game (which our adult readers are more than welcome to play if they wish), but if you'd like to be extremely adventurous, you could try an extremely sour drink that no one will want to take. Lemon or grapefruit juice straight, or mixed with a little orange juice or sprite -- those would be sour, but palatable.

Whatever your choice, I hope you had an exciting NaNoWriMo. I myself completed it for the first time ever after two failed attempts. I was down to the wire, and managed to pull it through thanks to support from family and friends. I hope you won too, but if not I hope you wrote many words.

Just remember, there doesn't have to be a NaNoWriMo going on for you to write. Without pressure, I think you would be surprised how far you can go. Writing and publishing is a long, difficult road with exciting points that seem few and far-between. Always take time to celebrate your efforts. So for now, relax. Have a drink. And Happy Holidays.




I would like to take a moment to thank the good Captain for his birthday wishes to myself and my alter-ego. He is a good man, if slightly annoying at times. Thank you, Captain.

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