Happy Monday, It's a Wrap-Up!

When we pitched the idea for genre month, we expected things to go something like this:

Instead, it was more like this:

We wanted to hit ALL THE GENRES this month, but we only managed a few in real posts.  But that's okay-- and you'll see why, because this is the January wrap-up post!  Scratch those final supersuit itches (it's okay, everyone has them), and let's dive in.

Dr. Banner begins the month with a glance at his romantic side-- okay, a stare for those of us who didn't think it existed.  Surprisingly, he's rather softhearted, and he delves into the science of tugging heartstrings.  Using The Fault in Our Stars as an example, he shows how romance should unfold rather than punch.  (That was the perfect example, too.  That book made me want to crawl back into my ice cube.)

Stark follows up with his usual anarchy: writing a story that wiggles away from classification.  Personally, I like to have a genre because it keeps me from splattering over everything all at once (and a lot of genres come with structures already pre-made for your convenience), but man, this post is inspiring.  It makes me want to write a science fiction animal romantic thriller comedy.

But, back to normal genres.  I posted next, about mysteries and their place in the universe (read: everywhere).  I go through a couple of the main attractions, like mixing up clues and creating red herrings and generally confusing people without losing them.  I went cold just before the Agatha Christie age, but I've had fun catching up.  Read any of her books for a master class in mysteries.

Now it's Thor's turn.  Before you yell at me for making fun of him again, this time he actually did something useful.  At this point, we were running a bit behind on genres.  Romance and mysteries are big ones, but what about others, like science fiction, fantasy, or contemporary?  Almost everyone else was out on some mission or other (yes, even Loki-- he was looking for another Big Stick of Evil or something), and we didn't have the time for many more individual posts.  So, Thor pulled something out of his cape to knock down all the rest of the genres.

Yessiree, we had a Twitter chat.  Black Widow phoned in from her mission to lend a hand. Between the two of them, they answered questions, broke down popular genres into their component parts, and generally cleared up a few things.  I wanted to be there too, but duty called.  And, ahem, I kind of forgot.  So, you can read up on everything I missed at the #YAvengers hashtag.  Look out for future chats from the same hashtag.  (We'll warn you here, too.)

Do I even need to say it?  Our team is amazing.  Even when half of us are off saving the world from evil organizations, invading aliens, or Loki's schnitzel (or... I'm not sure what that was-- they say autocorrect does odd things sometimes), the other half can handle the blogging.  If you ask me, blogging is harder, but no matter what comes around, we'll be here with writing tips, events, and encouragement for you.  Thank you all for sticking with us.  We appreciate it.

Next month is story structure month!  Tony and I are both big fans of this sort of thing, so we're excited to get started.  It's rare that we agree on anything-- you could make a movie about us disagreeing, honestly (not that anyone would watch it)-- so stick around to see the new, the exciting, and the plain old fun.

In the meantime, make cool stuff.  Write great words.  Live amazing lives.



  1. Just wondering if perhaps you meant to link to something other than the gif for the first post you, ah, wrapped up.

    Otherwise, nice work.

    -- Amanda (and if someone could pretty please add just the name option for commenting...)

  2. The settings are now changed. However, it required us to allow anonymous users to comment in order to sign in with a random name. If we start getting spammed, we'll have to change it back.

  3. It's okay, Captain. I entirely forgot to do almost anything online from late October to this month. Real life ate my homework.