Publishing, Food, and a Teensy Bit of the Future

The end of an era!  The passing of a once spectacular time!  The slow goodbye of a thousand tears in the night of--

Wait, what?  No, nothing's going on.  I just finished my food.

Well... something is going on, but I'll get to that later.  First of all, we have the end of a great month.  May's topic dealt with Publishing in all forms, along with a little bit of networking and other things.  We didn't dive too deeply into it (there's still plenty to research, in other words), but we're still researching it too.  I don't think that job is ever quite finished.  But this month is a great place to start.

Speaking of great places to start... Well, he might be the worst place to start, but here it is: Stark starts!  He wrote a spectacular post on self-publishing, which is something about which I'm always curious.  He also relabeled it 'punk rock publishing', which I admit is something about which I'm less curious, but I'd try it if someone with my taste in music suggested it.  As for the post though, he makes a lot of good arguments for going self-published, debunking many of the myths surrounding the field.  It's a daunting way to go unless you've done the research, which Stark has.

Moving into the traditional field, Banner talks about cover art and the kind of control an author has in traditional publishing.  Authors don't have much control.  As someone who believes the cover and synopsis should further the book's intent just as much as the story itself, I wish it weren't so, but you take what you can get in traditional publishing.  There are some side effects with both punk rock and traditional, but there are benefits of each.

Hey, there's me, looking slightly out of place as usual.  I spent a post trying to figure out how to use hashtags, but also talking about connections in publishing.  How do you get them?  Do you really need them?  You'll find out your own formula for both of these answers-- the publishing world is different for everyone-- but this is a good place to start.

To round out the month, Thor weighs in (a lot of weight, may I just say, most of it hair) on conferences.  Networking is difficult for someone who spends most of their time in the dark with a glowing screen and a keyboard, but it's still important.  Know the types of conferences you might find, know what you're looking for, and above all, be yourself.

That's the month from the blog's perspective.  Behind the scenes...  Well, there's a lot going on.

You may have noticed I'm laying off the Thor jokes this time around (comparatively, at least).  Thor is having a bit of an identity crisis lately, and it's going to be tough.  His current alter-ego might have to go in a different direction soon.  We'll keep you all posted on what's going on-- look for an official announcement before Thor disappears entirely, and rest assured that we'll have a replacement on the team before too much time passes.  We enjoy having the full squad on deck.

That's only half of the problem, though.  I too am shimmying my responsibilities into a different area.  I have a mission to complete that might take some time.  Right now I'm working on stacking up posts to schedule over the next four months, over which time I can't tweet, can't write wrap-ups, can't do anything.  It's wonderful that technology has advanced far enough for me to stick around even while I'm off working.  I don't like the idea, but it must be done.

So what does this mean for you?  Very little, actually.  The blog is still active.  We'll keep producing posts for you to enjoy.  If you'll bear with us for this next period, I think we can keep you pleased.  As always, thank you for being here.  Without you, none of us would have a reason to exist.  We might have to change a little bit, but our reliance on you never does.  Thank you for that.

As always, have a fun month of writing!


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  1. *hug attacks* I'm sorry! I just can't resist that precious little smile! :-P
    Good luck to both you and Thor. :-)