Choose Your Story

When I am not on Avengers business, I get to enjoy Fall. When we were younger, after our parents died, Pietro and I had some difficult winters. Sokovia can get very cold. Now though the air gets more crisp and I think of warm sweaters, hot drinks, and NaNoWriMo.

September is one step closer to October. October is meant to be spent preparing for NaNoWriMo. It is in September that I think of what story I might write this November.

We all have a number of stories in our minds. It is why Tony and Steve fought over the Sokovia Accords. It is why each of us had a slightly different idea of what was right. Every NaNoWriMo, we get to choose which story we want to tell. That story could take over your life for months. You could be working on it for the next year, polishing it up so that it becomes what you imagined it could be.

Choosing which story to tell can shape your life.

Just like we choose which life story we wish to tell with our actions.

When Pietro and I decided to fight against the Iron Man, we thought we knew what was right. We took the information available to us and we used it to target the man we felt was responsible. We gained our powers, we helped Ultron come into being. We were telling a story of justice and courage.

Then I saw into Ultron’s mind, and discovered that his was not a story I wanted to be a part of. The Avengers let us fight beside them. Hawkeye gave me the encouragement to change the story, to make sure that Ultron’s tale of destruction was not the story we went to bed with at night.

I was free to choose which story I wanted to tell. Just as I am free to choose the story in my mind that feels right—the one that I want people to remember me for.

There will be mistakes. Sometimes our stories are misguided. Sometimes the stakes are too high, and we experience pain and grief because it does not come out the way we wanted it to.

Then we start to tell a new story.

Think hard about the story you want to tell this November. But know that I will not judge you if you change your mind, somewhere down the road. We do the best we can, with the ideas available to us. That is all anyone can ask of us.

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