Completing Your Adventure

Greeting, it is I, Thor.

I have been a way for a while and I cannot tell you where I have been. I can tell you that I was with Loki and some strange things have been happening. (rest of paragraph redacted for spoilers)

I am here to encourage you as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) comes to an end. There is still time if you have not finishing crafting your warrior novel. Every book has a beginning. Writing a book, whether you wrote it in one month or if you dragged in some book baggage that needed written this month, is an important accomplishment. You achieved something. Even if you only wrote eight hundred words, you started something.

There is still time to finish writing your novel. 

Don't give up.

I can honestly say that I have a folder of novels on my computer labeled as "Unfinished/Shelved Novels". Sometimes once I finish them, I realize that they aren't really good. Or I get part way through writing a book and stop. They all end up in the folder. But that's okay. If you don't finish your novel, you tried. Not every idea is meant to be a book. I once had an idea about three faeries taking a road trip to a place that looked exactly like Lothlorien, along with a cliched villain who killed the main faerie's parents, but was her uncle. Yes, that book is shelved. It wasn't good. But I am happy that I wrote it. Every word on the page is an accomplishment.

Someday all of your work will be worth it.

And remember, it's a first draft. First drafts are not meant to be perfect and sparkly. They are full of plot holes, accidental name changes, and some horrible writing. The important part, is that you finish the draft. You can fix the problems in revisions later.


Write and don't give up on your novel.

Now I seem to have misplaced something important. Darryl is supposed to be procuring a horse for us to ride. (spoilers redacted)


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