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Hello, readers.

Here at Avenger's HQ, we're getting ready for the Holidays.

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Look how festive! (This picture is a few years old, unfortunately. Since our dispute earlier this year, things aren't nearly as holly-jolly. But this is still a good one for Christmas Cards, yes?)

Most of you are probably doing the same.

I hope your November and NaNoWriMo's were wonderful. Some of you might have newly finished drafts. Congratulations from us.

This month's Twitter Chat is all about editing. If you are wanting to edit your new story or are currently editing or will be editing in the future, then join us for a chat. We're eager to hear your tips and tricks and share some of our own.

The chat is at 8:30 PM EST on Friday, December 23rd.

We hope to see you then!


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