As part of our effort to fight against all evil forces and writers' block, the YAvengers team has instituted a critique service.

How does it work?

The YAvengers team will critique either YA query letters OR YA first 500 words, and we will do it an infinite amount of times until your query/pages are as polished as possible.

The first round of critique will be posted here on the blog. Not only will you receive support from the YAvengers, but helpful comments by our readers.

After that original post, you are free to send us your revisions as many times as you'd like, and all of those subsequent revisions with critiques will then be posted to the YAvengers Tumblr.

How do I submit?

Simply email your submissions to yavengersblog(at)gmail(dot(com). Put in the subject line: "Critique - Query (Or First 500 Words) - Tile of Your MS."

For BOTH queries and 1st 500 words, include your title, genre, word count, and any comparative titles at the bottom to give us a sense of your unique ms as we read.

We will post up to 1 query and 1 first 500 words per week. That means there may be a delay before the original post, but we will do everything we can to make sure you get your critiques quickly and efficiently.


1. Do not email us both the query and 1st 500 words of your ms together. We are happy to critique both, but pick one category for us to critique first and wait until you are completely finished with revisions before sending more. This gives more opportunity for other people to submit.
2. If your query or 1st 500 words are successful in landing you an agent, please email us! We would love to feature you and your successful work.
3. Reader comments will be monitored to ensure that all comments are constructive feedback and positive.

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