Who We Are

The YAvengers blog is run by Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Phil Coulson, and... Loki. Of course, you don't believe that, so read on.

I’m Steve Rogers, or Captain America. I’m a supersoldier, I carry a shield, and if you start hurting people I could punch you to Alaska. But those identities are too well known now, forcing me under the radar again.

My new persona is Liam Wood. He’s a teenage blogger, avid reader, and writer of most classified genres (mostly fantasy). He has a Tumblr and a Twitter. He’s about as talented at writing as Steve Rogers used to be at pushups - but he worked hard at it and isn’t stopping now.

I am Thor Odinson of Asgard. There is no one worthy to carry my hammer, only I, the God of Thunder can wield it. I write as one called Krista McLaughlin, who frequents tales of young adults being contemporary or something of the sort. I must have a cup of coffee to write! My alter ago also prefers to be known as a Hufflepuff, Hobbit, and serious Trekkie. You may follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and her Blog.

My name is Loki, the soon-to-be ruler of Earth. When I am not plotting world domination, I scheme against my brother and his ridiculous human friends.

As part of my plan to conquer mankind, I double as Amanda Foody, a college student, Wholockian, and tea and spinny chairs enthusiast. I write YA fantasy and am represented by Molly Jaffa of Folio Lit. You can find her on Twitter and her blog.


Iron Man here, but you can call me Tony, or 'The Best Avenger In Existence' (I'm not fussy). People say I'm flawless, good-looking, brilliant, charismatic ... well, we could've left it at 'flawless', right? And that's without the suit.

You could say that the Pepper to my Tony is Miriam Joy, who spends most of her time saving the world, dismantling the patriarchy and/or the gender binary, and writing YA novels about fairies, knights, or assassins. On her days off, she divides her time between studying, binge-watching TV shows, trying to sing everybody's part in Les Miserables, and procrastinating so hard she publishes poetry collections.

You can find her on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr; she also blogs and reviews books

I'm Dr. Bruce Banner. I hide out from SHIELD and my former colleagues at Gamma Base in a leafy New England town where I pretend to be college instructor and YA writer Stephanie Wardrop, a woman with a serious addiction to iced tea and a love of very long sentences. Writing snarky YA fiction helps me keep "the other guy" in check, though sometimes I just have to let him out, especially when I have a revision deadline (Hulk smash run-on sentences). The last time I was in New York, I kind of broke. . . Harlem.

Follow my alter-ego on her blog or Twitter.

Agent Natasha Romanoff. Codename Black Widow. I play with the big boys. What I lack in super powers, I make up for in skill. I specialize in espionage, secrets, and unhappy endings. (They might be connected somehow.)

In between missions, I daylight as Megan Eccles, mother of two and MFA candidate in Fiction. She writes YA speculative fiction, wears babies, and drinks gallons of tea. Follow her blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.

Sup. I'm Hawkeye. Or in other words, Legolas of the twenty-first century, World's Greatest Marksman, yahda-yahda-yah. I don't actually have a superpower, just an intense skill set. [Which happens to include writing YA.]

If I'm not saving the world, you can find me doing my writing thing as Hannah. I write about discombobulated witches that...well, blow up houses. An advocate of all things chocolate, Tolkien and grilled cheese, if I'm not heroing or writing, you can find me book blogging, making Twitter soap operas, and dreaming of doing the shuffle on the moon. Stalk me on my Blog and Twitter. 

Hi. I'm Agent Phil Coulson. You probably know me as being the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent - a fairly witty spy in the midst of real superheroes. But, when I'm not behind the scenes saving the world with the help of my team, or taking care of my vintage Captain America trading cards, I sometimes use my undercover guise, Justine Winans. You wouldn't think that a teenage writer and book blogger would be a useful identity against terrorist groups like Hydra, but it's gotten me out of some testy situations - and allows me to tweet, write, and blog about YA fiction without getting a death glare from Nick Fury.

Don't worry about keeping this secret, I know a thing or two about classified information.